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Fine Arts

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Cottage Hill Christian Academy recognizes that all art is a gift from God, and that our Heavenly Father has given us this beautiful gift to be used for His glory. C.H.C.A. has developed a program to present art education and performing arts that will result in praise and honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our program also gives a foundation of cultural enrichment, and provides an opportunity for students to develop the talents that God has given them.


Preschool Art
K2 – K5 students meet once a week: 15 minutes for K2 and 20 minutes for K3 – K5.

Elementary Art
1st – 5th grade students meet once a week for 45 minutes.

Middle School Art
This elective class is available for 6th – 8th grade students.

Art l

This high school elective focuses primarily on the basics of art. During the first of the week we use the textbook ArtTalk, written by Ragans. Along with our text there will be additional training DVD’s and information introduced. The second half of the week is used as studio time. Studio time allows the student to develop drawing skills, practice observation techniques for the beginning artist as well as introducing the basics of different media.

Art ll

This high school elective reviews text information gathered in art l on Monday. Abstraction (simplification), impressionism (effect of light on objects), and expressionism (creating a mood or feeling with color) are the styles explored using different media. Students will be expected to creatively apply skills developed in previous art courses, design for a specific assignment, and meet deadlines. Students will also research other artists and their work styles, and be expected to develop a portfolio of work.


This high school elective is designed for students who have a mastery of basic skills. Active participation in group critiques is essential. Other factors include daily attendance, completion of assignments on time, craftsmanship. Art III is comprised of a combination of class issues and independent work. Independent work is by contract on each project and is aimed at in-depth development of personal imagery and style. Class study includes intensive drawing review, mastery of contour and gesture drawing, nature study, nature’s geometry, portraiture, and color composition. Units of study include watercolor, oil and/or acrylic painting, nature’s geometry and three-dimensional work. Students are required to maintain a sketchbook that documents their thought process.

Advance Placement

This high school elective is for students who are interested in further advanced study and preparation of an art portfolio. When all criteria are met the student can summit their portfolio to AP art Central to be graded for possible college credit. Work may include, but is not limited to: advanced painting and drawing, three-dimensional mixed media work, as well as, independent projects designed to further develop the student’s personal aesthetic expression. Students must have permission from the instructor to enroll in this advanced course.


This high school elective focuses primarily on developing drawing skills as well as observation techniques for the beginning artist. Drawings will be done in pencil, pen and ink, and charcoal to gain an understanding of how black, white and gray can be used to define shape, show distance, and develop form. Pastels will be used to introduce color and impressionism.


Preschool Music
K2 – K5 present a mini-musical at Thanksgiving and Christmas that involves costumes, solos and Biblical verses. These students also present their Christmas selections for the Senior Adult Christmas Luncheon. In the Spring of every year, the preschool students present a musical production that will leave you laughing, crying and praising the Lord! You know children are uninhibited so you never know what to expect the outcome to be, not even after dress rehearsals!

Elementary Music

Students in 1st – 5th grade are involved in the Annual Cottage Hill Family Christmas Service by playing hand bells, singing and playing musical instruments. At various times of the year, these students present Musical Extravaganza where they perform the God-given talents for our entire school and families.

In the Spring of every year, the elementary students present a theatrical musical production that will blow your socks off! God has opened doors in recent years for our school to do a local premiere for new musicals. Fifth grade students are responsible for the dramatic parts and solos and their parents are responsible for building our gigantic set and making costumes for all fifth grade students. God has blessed our music department for over 35 years and we will be careful to give Him all the Glory and Honor and Praise!

Music Appreciation
Open to high-school students, this course explores the impact that music and musicians of various cultures, times, and places have had on society today. This course introduces production and performance of music, covers terminology, idioms, and elements of music, and will expand the understanding of American and world musical culture as a rich and varied tapestry that can be understood and enjoyed by everyone. The aim of this course is to teach the students respect for differences of all kinds of music.

Piano I
Designed as an introduction to playing the piano, this course is offered to high school students with little or no formal training in music who desire to learn to play the piano. This course includes an introduction to the musical elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and the notation and language of music as it relates to the piano keyboard.

Piano II
As a continuation of Class Piano I, this course includes a more complex study of the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and the notation and language of music as it relates to the piano keyboard. High school students are required to have taken Class Piano I or have training on the piano keyboard equivalent to Class piano I.


Middle School Drama

6th – 8th grade students are provided an opportunity to showcase the talents and abilities that God has given them. Drama students participate in two major plays during the year: Christmas and Spring productions. Chapel skits are also performed during the school year.

The course of study includes improvisation, pantomime, diction, history of drama, production, costume design as well as many other areas of dramatic presentation.

High School Drama
This introduction to acting for high-school students includes basic body movement, pantomime, improvisation, theatrical vocabulary and history. This course also emphasizes dramatic productions. The student will participate in a school production as well as skits performed in chapel services and may also perform for community organizations.


Concert Band
  • Beginner Band is open to all 5th & 6th grade students who want to learn a new instrument. No experience is necessary. We will teach you everything including how to read music.
  • Intermediate Band is open to 2nd year band students in 6th – 8th grade. All students in this class have had at least one year of band or private instruction.
  • Advanced Band is selected by audition only. Middle school students selected for this group have had at least 2 years of band or private study. This group performs 1 time in the fall and 2 times in the spring. Some of our 8th grade members also participate in the marching band at the West Campus.


This performance based group is conducted the fall semester of the school year. High school students will perform at area football games as well as community, state, and national concerts and competitions. After school and summer rehearsals are required to participate in the half-time show. Membership is open to any student who has completed prior musical training in a middle school band or other public or private institution. Duration of the membership lasts one year.

Praise Band
  • Middle School Praise Band (Direct Connection) for 6th – 8th grade students is a vocal & band class. The group consist of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who serve as a praise and worship band in the school chapel program throughout the year. These young students play their own instruments (keyboards, drums, guitars, strings, and horns) and sing their own vocals. Direct Connection is under the leadership of Mr. Walter Cazalas.
  • High School Praise Band is an auditioned group, chosen in the spring semester, which leads our students in chapel worship. During class time students will rehearse for chapel performances, learn how to lead worship and lead others into the presence of God. Members of this group are leaders in the school not only musically but spiritually as well.
New Life Ensemble is a select group of students chosen by audition. Auditions are held the previous school year during the month of April or May. New Life Ensemble provides students with an opportunity to develop his/her musicianship and technique through singing. Through this class, students will increase musical literacy, skills, and knowledge of the vocal instrument. Students will also learn the values of effort, cooperation, organization, fellowship, self-discipline and dedication. New Life Ensemble will represent our school through various school functions and community organizations such as: retirement centers, PTF meetings, and local church services and activities. These students will also compete in several choral festivals and competitions such as AISA and ACSI.

Color Guard & Majorettes


In response to God’s command to play skillfully and shout for joy (Psalm 33:3), Cottage Hill Christian Academy has established the Cottage Hill Conservatory of Music. The Conservatory offers private lessons and class instruction in vocal and instrumental music. Our purpose is to train musicians to use their talents to glorify the Lord at school, home, church, and wherever God leads them to serve. The Conservatory is staffed by qualified Christian instructors who encourage students to fully develop their God given talents.

Lesson times and days are scheduled during and after school for elementary students and after school for high school students by each Conservatory Instructor. The monthly fee for this class is $65.00. There is also a one time $25.00 enrollment fee.

Piano, Violin, Viola, and Cello

Mrs. Cathy Floyd includes material in technique, hymns, performance, and theory. As students progress, she adds standard classical material.

String students use Essential Elements Series and the Suzuki Method. Fiddle songs and hymns are added to the student’s repertoire. String students are strongly encouraged to participate in an ensemble.

Brass, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, & Percussions

Mr. Walter Cazalas uses the Progressive Guitar Series for most fretted instruments, Mel Bay for Mandolin, Alfred’s Drum Set Method, and Standard of Excellence with the Arban Method for Brass and Winds. CD’s, DVD’s, and recording techniques are used in conjunction with the texts.

Mr. Cazalas’ students are encouraged to make presentations in both winter and spring recitals, but not required. Many students have outside opportunities for performance through school, church, and civic activities.

Mr. Cazalas is frequently available for short-term lessons to help band students prepare for auditions, Solo and Ensemble Festivals, as well as state competitions.